Our Process

At Evolve we make the whole process as streamline and efficient as possible. Right from the quotation stagethrough to the design and construction stages we make sure the client is 100% happy and comfortable with the progress and that we have communicated exactly what they envisioned.

Quotation Process

The Quotation process with any project is extremely important in both achieving the clients desired expectations but also it also guides the design process as well. It is at this stage that we really analyize what the clients project goals are what is then realistic based on the given budget and how we can overcome design issues based on using different materials and building methods. Once this has been determined then the quotation provided will serve to be a very accurate cost and time estimate for the clients project to go forward with.

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3D Drawings

At Evolve Interiors Joinery Plus, we are able to bring your cabinetry plans to a virtual reality with the use of our 3D computer program. Not only will you be able to view the dimensions of your proposed kitchen, bathroom or laundry, but you can assess the drawer and cupboard layout.

Our wide screen television allows you to gain a full perception of your joinery works, where changes can be easily made to suit your needs. Plans can be discussed, and clear and precise decisions can be made – all with the help of an experienced joiner to guide you through the process. With the latest technology available in our state of the art boardroom, our program works to guarantee you are supplied with your desired joinery works with minimal fuss and stress.

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Payment and T&C

Stage 1: 40% DEPOSIT

In accepting the quotation price, a 40% deposit is required. This holds and books the construction and installation time frames of your job (your job & materials will not be booked until the full 40% deposit has been paid). Not paying the deposit may result in your job been pushed back to a later date. No drawings or plans will be provided until payment is received.

Once the 40 % deposit has been received, a time schedule will be produced including design stage, construction stage and installation date (these dates can be moved if required to suit renovation / building timelines). A second site measure may be required before design stage.

Preliminary Design Stage: We will meet in our showroom and design your joinery, where you will be able to view your joinery in 3D form on our TV. There we will also discuss appliances, colours, finishes, splashbacks, flooring and any additional requirements.

After we have completed your preliminary design we then need to confirm all materials, colours, appliances, sinks and also confirm what type of flooring and cornice that your joinery will be fitting into.

If changes are made to the joinery after this there will be extra costs incurred.

After all details are confirmed, your joinery moves from design stage to construction stage. All materials will be delivered to our factory and construction will begin (we require all required appliances to be delivered to our factory before or during the construction process for pre installation fitting). You are welcome to view your joinery on the factory floor before installation. We will let you know when joinery is ready to view (by appointment only).

After initial construction has occurred, your job supervisor will carry out a quality inspection. After this your job will move onto detailing (it’s important to know that your job is inspected and built by the person who will be installing your joinery).
After detailing of your joinery, a second quality inspection will be carried out by your job supervisor. Once joinery work is completed it is ready to be loaded and ready for installation.

Stage 2: 40% PAYMENT
A second 40 % payment will be required to be received 1 day before your allocated installation date. If no payment has been received (or arranged) by this time your installation date will be changed to a later date until payment is received.

We will need to organise access and entry to your home for installation prior to the day. We require a clean, clear entry and workspace. We prefer that all other trades and clients not to be in our working space during installation where possible (unless required by Evolve Interiors and or clients). Evolve Interiors has the right to cancel installations if on site requirements are not ready or met for joinery installations.
We understand that it is exciting to see your new kitchen or joinery being installed and you have every right to stay and watch, but for safety reasons we kindly ask that you stay well clear of our installation team during the unloading and installation process. If you have any queries during the installation of the joinery please ask the job supervisor to discuss in an area away from workers or unsafe zones. Ideally we recommend on the day of installation for you to vacate the premises to allow for a smoother installation process. We will be in contact if we need you.
Once installation is complete our job supervisor will then carry out a 3rd quality inspection prior to walking the clients though the new joinery, to make sure you are satisfied. In most cases other trades are required to work in and around your new joinery. We recommend you make sure that all joinery is unmarked prior to any the other work is done, any damage to joinery by others trades is out of Evolve Interiors control and is not covered under our warrantee.

Stage 3: 20% FINAL PAYMENT
A 20 % FINAL PAYMMENT (extras will be added if made during previous stages to final invoice) will be required on the allocated due date stated on invoice and contract.
Payment will be due NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS from invoice date.
If payment has not been received by this date or payment arranged and approved by Evolve Interiors, a 5 % overdue fee will be added each 7 days overdue until payment is received. If payments are not received within 30 days, it will be passed on to our creditors, were any creditor charges will be made payable at the clients expense.
60 days overdue will result in all joinery being removed & obtained by Evolve Interiors until payments are received in full, re-installation will incur an extra installation fee.

Care and Maintenance

We at Evolve Interiors want your joinery to last and look great for years to come, so we highly encourage you follow these tips to ensure its longevity!

General Care:
Although your joinery has been built to stand the stress and demands of daily living, it is recommended that extra care is taken when using your joinery. The simple fact is- the more care that is taken, the longer it will both work and look great!
Putting excessive weight or pressure on hinges, drawers and bench tops is to be avoided as much as possible to ensure doors/drawers stay aligned. Children can like to swing on doors which although fun for them, often results in breakages and damage which will not be covered by Evolve Interiors 5 year Joinery Guarantee.

Guide for Recommended Load Amounts:
Tandembox Drawers: max 40kg
Ballbearing drawers: max 30kg
Door hinges: only the weight of the door itself is to be placed on the hinges for long term durability
Free Hanging Vanities: It is advised that only the cabinetry and toiletries are stored in free hanging joinery. Sitting/standing on free hanging joinery is likely to cause alignments to move and for cabinetry to break off a wall.

Overhead Cabinets: Can take significant vertical load weight, however hanging off the overhead is discouraged.

Maintenance of you Joinery – What to use when cleaning your Joinery
(Please note- Always read product information before use and apply with a soft cloth or rag)
Laminex: Please refer to Laminex information attached
Caesar Stone Bench tops: Caesar stone cleaner such as ‘Caesarstone Surface Cleaning wipes or spray cleaner’
Marble Bench tops: Specific marble cleaner (available from most supermarkets) ‘Dupont StoneTech Professional Stone and Tile Cleaner’ is an effective cleaner
Vinyl doors: Warm soapy water, however removing all water immediately after application
Solid timber and Timer Veneer: Mr Sheen or a specific timber surface cleaner applied on a damp soft cloth
Stainless Steele: Stainless Steele cleaning products which are readily available
Metaline Splashbacks: Windex Streak Free or mild detergent

What to NEVER use on any Joinery Surface:
Petrol, paint thinners, citrus spray, mentholated spirits, bleach, wire products, brushes or steel wool. Champagne can also cause significant damage to marble/stone surfaces and spillages should be cleaned immediately.

Whats Next?

If your happy with our terms and conditions and process please get in contact with us for your next project, we would love to help make you ultimate project be realized.